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AMETVS automobile parts members and other Quebec automobile parts companies get to deal in worldwide markets faster.

Automobile parts members of the AMETVS Association produce more automobile parts innovations through R & D. AMETVS encourages the creation of automobile parts consortiums speeding up Research & Development.

With AMETVS know-how, automobile parts members develop long-lasting business contacts with other AMETVS automobile parts specialists active in other automobile parts sectors. Automobile parts players coordinate their automobile parts production more efficiently to better occupy highly competitive automobile parts markets.

Many automobile parts companies use their AMETVS membership to establish working relationships with other specialized North-American and international automobile parts players. AMETVS automobile parts members are also automobile parts players in other niches such as :

  • Coaches.

  • Rail industry (locomotive and wagons)

  • Military Vehicles

  • Speciality vehicles (ambulances, trailers, heavy trucks, etc.).

  • Powersports vehicles.

  • Etc.

AMETVS is more than an automobile parts’ rep…

AMETVS’ activities reflect Quebec’s strength in overall automobile parts markets.

AMETVS’ role as an automobile parts representative generates better automobile parts business ensuring billion-dollar yearly sales and more stable automobile parts jobs. AMETVS strengthens members’ progress in their automobile parts niches rapidly responding to newer market trends in many automobile parts segments :

  • Panel vans

  • Semi-trailers

  • Trailers

  • Maintenance vehicles

  • Modified vehicles

  • Tank trucks

  • Dump trucks

  • And many more

1512, Michaud St, Drummondville (Quebec) J2C 7V3 CANADA Tel: (819) 472-4494 / Toll-Free: 1 866 499-4494 (North America) Fax: (819) 472-6520 Email: [email protected]

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AMETVS helps Quebec automobile parts members profit from emerging business opportunities in their automobile parts domain. AMETVS also caters to other automobile parts players not necessarily as active as other automobile parts members to promote new business opportunities beneficial to all members.

Our in-house business development tools grow automobile parts markets with national and overseas business missions, annual automobile parts trade shows and for many other business development opportunities relating to automobile parts.

AMETVS’ automobile parts members benefit from our role as Quebec automobile parts representative to grow developing important business collaborations with political organizations all over the world.

Just like Bombardier, other AMETVS members have gotten their preferred supplier status for major markets. Many of Quebec’s automobile parts companies have enjoyed great success in many major automobile parts markets.

AMETVS members that may not be active players in classic automobile parts development, can be involved with other vehicles like watercrafts, motorcycles, roadsters markets and alike. AMETVS automobile parts players count on building proficient business relationships with other automobile parts groups and important worldwide markets similar to Bombardier Recreational Products inc.’s success model.

Over the last ten years, AMETVS has had a major business impact on many Quebec automobile parts groups.

AMETVS values automobile parts’ networks amongst varied automobile parts organizations and public agencies, including prominent local and international governmental departments to support the growth of their member’s automobile parts role. AMETVS business growth activities focus on growing member’s involvement in world automobile parts markets. Automobile parts networking guaranties better local and worldwide business growth.

Automobile parts market issues are many and often complex. Quebec automobile parts players profit immensely from their AMETVS membership.

Reach us and join our automobile parts development members as soon as possible!

1512, Michaud St, Drummondville (Quebec) J2C 7V3 CANADA Tel: (819) 472-4494 / Toll-Free: 1 866 499-4494 (North America) Fax: (819) 472-6520 Email: [email protected]

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