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Cluster - Profile

Québec Ground Transportation Cluster : the reference resource for the Quebec industry of transport vehicles manufacturers


Created by the merger of the four Québec Niches of Excellence in ground transportation, in the Laurentides, Estrie, Centre-du-Québec and Montérégie regions, and of the Specialty Vehicles and Transportation Equipment Manufacturers Association (AMETVS), the Cluster reunites all of the sector’s expertise in a single organization and represents the interests of the industry as a whole.

  • 1992 - 2000 | Transportation cluster
  • September 2000 | Founding of AMETVS
  • 2005 to present | ACCORD transportation Niche
  • 2009 | Creation of the interregional transportation table
  • August 2010 | Official request by the industry to the MDEIE
  • May 2011 | Meeting between the MDEIE and the industry in view of creating the Québec Ground Transportation Cluster
  • October 19, 2011 | Official creation of the Québec Ground Transportation Cluster

The Cluster is backed by the ACCORD project (Action concertée de coopération régionale de développement). ACCORD builds on regional strengths and the search for excellence in key sectors in Québec. It encourages business people and entrepreneurs with a shared vision of their industry to unify and define a long-term strategy to promote it. For more details on the ACCORD project, visit



To create a strong and unified hub for the ground transportation sector in Québec, one that will take action to encourage the industry’s mobilization, growth, competitiveness and influence, and ensure its long-term development.


By 2020, the Québec Ground Transportation Cluster will be a world leader, recognized as a seat of specific competences and in the forefront of world market trends, bringing innovative companies working along sustainable development principles together under the same umbrella.

Roles and mandates

1. To mobilize industry stakeholders around common challenges

2. To develop a strong brand image

3. To strengthen the industry’s competitiveness

4. To encourage pre-competitive and collaborative research and development

5. To represent its members’ interests

Four strategic directions

1. Manufacturing excellence

2. Market development

3. Innovation

4. Promotion and mobilization


The Québec Ground Transportation Cluster works daily to foster the growth and development of Québec companies in the ground transportation sector.

It organizes a range of networking activities, trade missions and special events.