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INDUSTRY - Light Vehicle

The Québec light vehicle sector: on the road to making electric vehicles

The light vehicle industry holds an important position in the global manufacturing sector and has a high level of expertise in several technological domains. The Québec automotive industry includes all activities related to the manufacturing and repair of automobiles and light trucks:

  • Vans
  • Trucks
  • SUVs

They are in two segments:

  • OE market - manufacturing of original parts for assembly lines
  • Manufacturing of replacement parts and accessories

The Québec Strengths

  • Expertise in light metals (production and manufacturing)
  • Extensive R&D network in the aluminium sector
  • Recognized skills in development and design
  • Active involvement in propulsion systems research

Québec aims to become a leading manufacturer of new generation vehicles in North America by focusing on developing, manufacturing and marketing the electric car as it possesses a proven expertise in electrical motorization and in power electronics.

Some figures on the automotive industry in Québec

  • There has been no automobile assembly plant since September 2002
  • 1,000 companies including world leaders in assembly: Bombardier Transportation, Bell Helicopter, Paccar, Volvo, BRP, etc.
  • 20% of SMBs are subsidiaries of foreign companies
  • 85% of production is exported outside Québec
  • 80% of revenues come from the primary market
  • 20% of revenues come from the secondary market

Source: MDEIE — Ministry of Economic Development, Innovation and Export Trade, 2010