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INDUSTRY - Defence and Security

The manufacturing of military vehicles (defence and security): a sector in full evolution

The defence and security sector plays an important role in the manufacturing industry in Québec; 33% of Canadian defence exports originate from Québec.

Encouraged by the presence of the military base of the Canadian Armed Forces and the largest center for research and development of National Defence of Canada in Valcartier, businesses work in areas related to information technologies and communication, optics-photonics and geospatial technologies, and robotics, and often require the collaboration of companies in the truck and specialty vehicles industry to produce equipment used for defence, security and emergency preparedness.

Québec’s strength is its wide variety of vehicles and its ability to innovate and adapt products according to the needs of different customers. As leaders in many specialized markets in North America, Québec companies aim to accelerate the implementation of innovative technologies destined for the defence, security and emergency preparedness market.

The creation of consortiums of companies in the field of defence and security and transportation equipment will secure Québec’s place in the global market. Through collaboration agreements between sectorial organizations such as the AMETVS and Technopôle Defence and Security, Québec manufacturers have an opportunity to be part of consortiums, which will help to access tenders in the industry.

Source: Canada Economic Development and Technopôle Defence and Security, 2009.