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Directory : AMETVS Members
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  •     AMETVS - Drummondville - Qc - Canada

    Specialty Vehicles and transportation Equipment Manufacturers' Association is a network of businesses dedicated to the improvement of the competitiveness of its members and to the growth of their incomes. It directs its activities according to the large following poles of industry: cars, industrial vehicles, entertaining vehicles, public transport vehicles.

  •   911 Pro inc. - Boucherville - Qc - Canada

    Integration, design and manufacturing of equipment and vehicular systems specially designed for various applications to emergency vehicles, transportation equipment and utility vehicles and public works.

  •   Absolu - Drummondville - Qc - Canada

    Communication and marketing.

  •   Adirondack Precision Powder LLC - Plattsburgh - NY - Etats-Unis

    Coating powder paint.

  •   Agence Manufacturière RTP - L'Île-Bizard - Qc - Canada

    Extrusion and coextrusion specialist in all polymers, plastic and close cell sponge, die cut parts, water base stripper and acid protection system.

  •   Alcoa Canada ltée - Montréal - Qc - Canada

    Production of aluminum alloy T-ingots, billets, rolling ingots and rod for aerospace, automotive, packaging, building and construction, commercial transportation and industrial markets.

  •   Alphacasting inc. - Saint-Laurent - Qc - Canada

    Precision moulding; casting of various alloys such as: aluminium, steel, stainless steel, bronze and titanium for transportation and military sectors.

  •   Alstom Transport Information et Sécurité inc. - Saint-Laurent - Qc - Canada

    Provides fully integrated multi-modal passenger information, security and entertainment solutions that can be customized and easily upgraded to satisfy the needs of virtually any mode of mass transportation; be it rail, station and control center.

  •   Aluminerie Alouette inc. - Sept-Îles - Qc - Canada

    Production of primary aluminum. Offers financial and technical support to companies in aluminum processing

  •   Alutech TTRG inc. - Alma - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturing of aluminum products, various equipment for ATV : protection arches in case of overturning, bumpers, boxes of all shapes for pickup trucks, step plates, customized products, guards, stairs, footbridges. Specialized in the bending of aluminium extrusion with the CNC.

  •   Alutrec inc. - Sainte-Agathe-de-Lotbinière - Qc - Canada

    Aluminum semi-trailer manufacturer.

  •   Amtech - Saint-Roch-de-l'Achigan - Qc - Canada

    Alteration of vehicles tailor and a specialist in electricity.

  •   Arctic Traveler (Canada) ltée - Drummondville - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer of air-conditioning and heating systems for off-road vehicles; refrigeration systems, parts installation and distribution.

  •   Artik/OEM inc. - Québec - Qc - Canada

    C.N.C. precision cutting of flexible and rigid materials, sub-assemblies and sequential kits supply, acoustical and thermal design support and supply. high volume die-cutting presses and laminator equipment.

  •   Association canadienne de l'industrie des plastiques (ACIP) - Boucherville - Qc - Canada

    Canadian Plastic Industry Association, representing the interests of the plastics industry in Canada.

  •   Association québécoise du transport et des routes (AQTR) - Montréal - Qc - Canada

    Mobilizing the transport community in order to support the exchange of knowledge and training.

  •   Ateliers B.G. inc. (Les) - Sherbrooke - Qc - Canada

    CNC machine shop large and robotic welding. Welding equipment and parts manufacturers. Sandblasting and painting water. Turnkey Projects.

  •   ATVenture Component Inc. - Atholville - NB - Canada

    Manufacturer of all-terrain vehicles (ATV) and motorcycle accessories.

  •   Axis Prototypes inc. - Montréal - Qc - Canada

    Full array of rapid prototyping process, materials and subjects experts, specialised in SLS and SLA technologies.

  •   B3CG Interconnect inc. - Saint-Eustache - Qc - Canada

    Supplies original, reliable solutions for outsourced assembly of electrical cable, complex harnesses and electromechanical system (Box Built) dedicated for land transportation, medical equipment,telecommunication and Indusrial sector.

  •   BASF Canada - Mississauga - Ontario - Canada

  •   Bathium Canada inc. - Boucherville - Qc - Canada

    Develops and commercialises lithium metal polymer batteries and supercapacitors addressed to the market of energy storage for electric vehicles.

  •   Baultar Concept inc. - Windsor - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer of modular ergonomic seating and locomotive accessories; high performance AbrastopTM floor covering and composite structural floor systems for mass transit.

  •   Beauce Caoutchouc inc. - La Guadeloupe - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer of molded rubber, silicone and polyurethane: Seals, support anti-vibration, assembly metal polymer molding with polymer dialectrique. Scope: Transport, recreational vehicles, hydro-electricity, food equipment, medical.

  •   Benco Mfg Industries inc. - Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu - Qc - Canada

    Privately owned Canadian company, entirely dedicated to the design, production and sale of specialized light industrial vehicles, mainly utility tractors for municipalities, loaders, lift trucks, tow tractors and other types of equipment for custom applications.

  •   Boîtes de camions Dynamic - Saint-Jacques - NB - Canada

    Manufacturer of fiberglass truck boxes, aluminium, glossed steel or panels of wood reinforced with fiberglass.

  •     Bombardier Transport - Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer of passengers vehicles on rails.

  •   Brandon Équipement de Camion inc. - Saint-Gabriel-de-Brandon - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer of dump trucks who can be appropriate for the frame of various types of trucks.

  •   Brio Innovation inc. - Sainte-Thérèse - Qc - Canada

    Product design development. Product branding. Research and conceptual exploration. Preliminary model production. Ergonomic analysis. Technical development. Production ready 3D modeling. Production launch support. Product related graphic design. Computer generated images.

  •   C.W. Mayer inc. - Valcourt - Qc - Canada

    Machine shop, welding and manufacturing of jigs prototypes.

  •   Camoguid Évolution inc. - Acton Vale - Qc - Canada

    Transformation of metal and robotic welding, machining numerical control for manufacturing frames and assembly.

  •   Caoutchoucs et Plastiques Falpaco inc. (Les) - Granby - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer of rubber castings, nontoxic and nonflammable rubber, rubber extrusion 100 tons to 2,000 tons and plastic injection.

  •   Carrossier Rive-Sud inc. (Le) - Saint-Romuald - Qc - Canada

    Bodyshop truck manufacturer specialized tool. Setup of the system conversion current 12 and 24 volts to 120 votls.

  •   CBR Laser inc. - Plessisville - Qc - Canada

    Specialized in cutting with laser, plasma and water jet for ferrous and non ferrous materials.

  •   CDID Net inc. - Saint-Georges - Qc - Canada

    Firm specialized in the IT Industry and offers a broad range of innovating business solutions conceived to save time and money for their customers. Among these, PreXtra, a completely integrated ERP solution.

  •   CDMB inc. - Saint-Lambert-de-Lauzon - Qc - Canada

    Company working in the manufacturing and processing of precision parts.

  •   Cégep de Victoriaville - Victoriaville - Qc - Canada


  •   Centrabalance - Montréal - Qc - Canada

    It is a continous wheel balancing system that is mounted on the wheel assembly.

  •   Centre collégial de transfert de technologie en télécommunications (C2T3) - Trois-Rivières - Qc - Canada

    In a viewpoint of sustainable development, contribute to technological progress and growth of enterprises, organizations and educational facilities associated with the telecommunications sector.

  •   Centre d'innovation en microélectronique du Québec (CIMEQ) - Sainte-Thérèse - Qc - Canada

    College technology transfer centre specialized in microelectronic expert in intelligent distributed control systems based on programming microprocessor networks to support specific local functions.

  •   Centre de développement des composites du Québec (CDCQ) - Saint-Jérôme - Qc - Canada

    Collegial center of technology transfer specialized in research and development, technical aid and diffusion of information in the field of composite materials.

  •   Centre de géomatique du Québec CGQ - Saguenay - Qc - Canada

  •   Centre de gestion de l'équipement roulant (CGER) - Québec - Qc - Canada

    Public organization of the government of Quebec which ensures the management of a park of 7800 vehicles and equipment for different ministries and public entities.

  •   Centre de productique intégrée du Québec inc. (CPIQ) - Sherbrooke - Qc - Canada

    Technology transfer center specialized in computer integrated manufacturing (CAD/CAM,ERP, Industrial computing); Rapid prototyping, 3D modeling, 3D scanning and metrology laboratories. Technical assistance, applied research, customized onsite training, CIM integrator.

  •   Centre de Réalisation d'Outils Innovateurs inc. (CROI) - Chicoutimi - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer and distributor of ergonomic workstations, seats and adapted tools targeted towards industrial, transportation and other markets. Mass production or one of a kind assembly, design and technical specification, ergonomic expertise.

  •   Centre de recherche industrielle du Québec (CRIQ) - Montréal - Qc - Canada

    Tests laboratory: mechanical, vibrations, shocks, climatic, rapid decompression, EMI/EMC, reliability HALT/ESS, acoustical; CE marking, safety testing on electronic and electrical products TÜV; RoHS compliance, R&D; automation and environment. Industrial and technological information services, advisory services for international standardization.

  •   Centre de robotique et vision industrielles inc. (CRVI) - Lévis - Qc - Canada

    Affiliated to CEGEP Levis-Lauzon, the Centre for robotics and industrial vision (CRVI) proposes to help companies in their efforts for technological innovation. Its team of experts has just fields as varied as automated production, industrial computing, robotics, artificial vision and control processes.

  •   Centre de technologie minérale et de plasturgie (CTMP) - Collège de Thetford Mines - Thetford Mines - Qc - Canada

    Center for technology transfer offering services of technical assistance and carrying out applied research in the fields of mineral technology and plastics sector.

  •   Centre hydraulique Hydrep inc. - Jonquière - Qc - Canada

    Firm specializing in conception, design and réalisaton electro-hydraulic systems. Distributor of hydraulic components for high performance.

  •   Centre Intégré de Fonderie et de Métallurgie (CIFM) - Trois-Rivières - Qc - Canada

    Technology transfer center, laboratory testing on materials, metallurgical investigations, development of metallurgic processes and in house training programm. Major R&D; programs on technologies related to casting of Titanium, Magnesium and Aluminum.

  •   Centre National du Transport Avancé (CNTA) - Saint-Jérôme - Qc - Canada

    The CNTA is for development, coordination and mobilization of all stakeholders advanced ground transportation. It promotes the development and deployment of technological innovations, development and evolution of enterprises and organizations in this sector and ensure the care of common issues and projects both nationally as the international arena.

  •   Centre québécois de recherche et de développement de l'aluminium (CQRDA) - Chicoutimi - Qc - Canada

    A liaison and transfer centre which supports the aluminium production and the development of new uses for aluminium; the centre facilitates interactions between the researchers and the industry.

  •   CERBA - Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association - Montréal - Qc - Canada

    Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association.

  •   Chabot Carrosserie inc. - Montmagny - Qc - Canada

    Liquid paint, heavy vehicules paint, bus, motor home; paint for plastics and composites.

  •   Chambre de Commerce Française au Canada (CCFC) - Montréal - Qc - Canada

    Non-profit making organization which gives services to Canadian and French Business.

  •   Charnières Normont - Granby - Qc - Canada

    Normont Hinge, a division of Normont Industrial, is a leader in the design, manufacturing and supply of Connection Systems and Hinges to the global vehicle and industrial marketplace. Standard Hinges, customized and made to measure solutions designed to meet your application requirements. Innovative solutions in application development and product development.

  •   Cintube ltée - Lachine - Qc - Canada

    Bending and assembly of copper, steel and stainless steel tubular parts; custom metal fabrication.

  •   Commission scolaire des Chênes - Réseau des intervenants en formation (RIF) - Drummondville - Qc - Canada

    Formation to measure in SST, production management, human resources management, technical machining, welding and sheet-iron works .

  •   Composites BHS inc. - Sherbrooke - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer of components made out of composites material for specialized equipment and vehicules for the industries of transport and aeronautics. We use open and closed mold processes (vacuum, compression, CCBM) pooring systems with a variety of resins ( polyester, vynilester,epoxy,polyurethane) and a variety of reinforcement materials (glass, carbon, kevrar).

  •   Conception GSR inc. - Jonquière - Qc - Canada

    Innovative equipments manufacturer, including all new range of insulated and non-insulated GRS hydrauliqc ladder, with working height from 35' up to 45'.

  •   Conseil Économique du Haut-Richelieu (CLD) - Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu - Qc - Canada

    The mission is to stimulate and support the economic development of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. It represents the gateway for all first line services, technical and financial support offered to potential investors, companies already established in the region, individuals or groups, including social economy companies.

  •   Contrôle PC inc. - Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturers of vehicular data accumulators "Black Boxes", treatment software, GPS, communication and map systems in the transport industry.

  •   ConvExpert inc. - Laval - Qc - Canada

    Specialized in the conversion and outfitting of vehicles.

  •   Coop. Techno Laser - Sorel-Tracy - Qc - Canada

    Sheet metal processing, specialized in the laser cutting and bending.

  •   Côté Inox inc. - Saint-Lazare - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer of equipment, laser cut out, punching, folding, assembly, polishing, passivation, steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

  •   CSTM INC. - Granby - Qc - Canada

    Subcontracting of sheet metal products, punching, laser cutting, precision bending and mechanical assembly.

  •   CVTech-IBC inc. - Drummondville - Qc - Canada

    Transmission systems manufacturer (variable speed clutches, transmission belts, etc).

  •   Découpage FAB - Saint-Étienne-des-Grès - Qc - Canada

    Cutting and engraving for fabrication of unique prototypes or for massive production, we ensure you quality work with extreme details. As well as our excellent definition in our prints, enhancements, and forms.

  •   Deflex Composite inc. - Saint-Victor - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer of parts and composite material accessories for the transport sector. Techniques offered: Handly-up, simultaneous pulverizations, rtm-lite, cut out and robotized drilling.

  •   Delastek inc. - Grand-Mère - Qc - Canada

    Electromechanical and electronic assemblies, manufacturer of plastic parts and composite.

  •   Demers Beaulne, s.e.n.c. - Montréal - Qc - Canada

    Certified public accountants firm specialized in the services such as: accounting, taxe, forensic accounting, evalutation, human capital, restructuration and merge, acquisition, insolvency and financing.

  •   Desjardins Capital de risque inc. - Sherbrooke - Qc - Canada

    Venture capital company, investment and financing.

  •   Després inc. - Val-Alain - Qc - Canada

    Compagny specialized in mechanical welding parts manufacturing.

  •   Docom Technologies - Sainte-Julie - Qc - Canada

    Assembling cables and wiring harnesses. Mounting control panels.

  •   Drolet Machinerie inc. - Saint-Cyrille - Qc - Canada

    Dealer of CNC equipement for plastic and composite and for aluminium.

  •   Dunin Technologie inc. - Sherbrooke - Qc - Québec

    Specialized to optimizing its activities through award-winning technologies and our expertise in the high value-added production, assembly-line, make-to-order and logistic industries

  •   E.B.M. Laser inc. - St-Augustin-de-Desmaures - Qc - Canada

    Centre offering services of laser cutting, bending, welding and assembly under. Turnkey project.

  •   Échelles C.E. Thibault inc. - Pierreville - Qc - Canada

    Manufactured products: centrifugal pumps, portable, boat scrubbing/fire fighting, cylinders and hydraulic-cylinders.

  •   Elasto Proxy inc. - Boisbriand - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer and distributor of industrial rubber products and other special products.

  •   Elcargo Fabrication inc. - Saint-Hyacinthe - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturing and distribution of a mechanical weatherproof tarp system.

  •   Électronique Sécurité Thomas ltée - Montréal - Qc - Canada

    Importer and distributor of police and security equipment. Sale, repair, installation, renting, training. Speedmeters, breath-test devices, cloting, boots, handguns, fingerprint equipment, video system for syrveillance vehicles. Complete division of signaling systems for emergency vehicle (electronic management, light bars, sirens). Design adapted.

  •   Elmec inc. - Grand-Mère - Qc - Canada

    Wires and electrical manufacturer; electro mechanical design and assembling.

  •   Engrenages Spécialisés inc. - Richmond - Qc - Canada

    Machine shop specialized in gears cutting, spline shaft cutting and complex mechanical parts machining on CNC.

  •   Entreprises Électriques L.M. inc. (Les) - Montréal - Qc - Canada

    Reconditioning of electric motors and related products. Repair and maintenance of gen set. Specialist in economy of energy.

  •   Entreprises Paul Maranda inc. (Les) - Beloeil - Qc - Canada

    Manufaturer of commercial fiberglass truck caps for light trucks and utilitary vehicles ADVANTAGE COMPACT - ADVANTAGE PLUS - OPTI MAX - X-PEDITION

  •   EPP Métal inc. - Plessisville - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer of metal products from sheet metal or coil : stamping, forming, bending, laser cutting, welding, assembly and tanks steel.

  •   Équipements Polytek inc. (Les) - Laval - Qc - Canada

    Specialized in conception, developpement and fittings of conversion systems dealing with the electricity and the cable elaboration, with the electric wire and in the fittings of the specialized electronic equipments for utlitary, services and emergency vehicles.

  •     Estampro inc. - Saint-Évariste - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer of metal products and stamping.

  •   Exportation et développement Canada (EDC) - Ottawa - Ontario - Canada

    Foreign trading and risk management financing service.

  •   Fabri-métal ltée - Anjou - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer of custom high precision metal components.

  •   Fabrication nexusGranby - Granby - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer and supplier of engineering components for the road vehicles market.

  •   Fabrication S. Houle - Saint-Germain-de-Grantham - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer of agricultural machinery and commercial, shovels snow extensible, snow blowers for compact tractors. Cutting of metal parts plasma, service and conventional CNC machining.

  •   Fabritek - Lemieux - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturers of pontoons boats for pleasure and commercial aluminum utility boats for cargo and or people.

  •   Faucher Industries inc. - Saint-Léonard - Qc - Canada

    Distributor and manufacturer of industrial and transportation hardware. Manufacturer lines.

  •   Fédération Québécoise des Municipalités (FQM) - Québec - Qc - Canada

    Represents some 915 municipalities and nearly all of MRC with more than 85% of Quebec, both rural and urban. For over sixty years, it represents the interests of municipalties and is the spokesman of the Regions of Quebec.

  •   Fer & Métaux Américains S.E.C. - Montréal - Qc - Canada

    Metal recycling.

  •   Fibres Lyster inc. - Lyster - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer of composite material parts for the industry of the special and recreative vehicles: ambulances and boats.

  •   Fibrobec / Fibrocap inc. - Beloeil - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer of fiberglass truck caps Fibrobec for light trucks and of SPACEKAP utility bodies.

  •   Firme Le Concierge - Québec - Qc - Canada

    Firm can assist you with your corporate needs, organize your events, ensuring the needs of your guests such as accommodation, transportation, tickets, offer specialized training to your employees. Give them the planning of your projects in the form protocol both on regional as abroad.

  •   Fondrémy inc. - Chambly - Qc - Canada

    Foundry specialized in aluminium and bronze cast parts, permanent and sands molds.

  •   Fonds de solidarité FTQ - Montréal - Qc - Canada

    Company offering financing in the form of an equity stake in the company's common or preferred shares or in the form of not-guaranteed debt titles and also offering a broad range of services aimed at providing sound guidance to PME, whether unionized or not, in all the major stages of their development.

  •   Formation Conseil Mauricie - Trois-Rivières - Qc - Canada

    Partner Training in metallurgy enterprises in Quebec! Training in foundry, welding, heat treatment and a mobile welding advantage to develop the skills of your employees on the territories of the province.

  •   Fourgons Élite - Québec - Qc - Canada

    Steel, aluminum and FRP truck bodies, freight and utility bodies.

  •   FP Industries inc. - Cabano - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer of laser guidance. Lighting solution for portable applications.

  •   FrygyCube International inc. - Sorel-Tracy - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer of cooling system by accumulation without fuel.

  •   GE Canada Equipment Financing GP - Montréal - Qc - Canada

    Leading asset-based lender for equipment or real estate needs, serving a variety of industries across Canada.

  •   GEM cars Québec s.a. - Carignan - Qc - Canada

    Sale, location, room service for trailers and low-speed electric vehicles.

  •   Genicad inc. - Québec - Qc - Canada

    Specialized in developing industrial products, mechanical design, analyzing finite elements, design optimation, designing of tools and gauges; standardization services: FMVSS, CMVSS, OSHA, ROPS and FOPS standards.

  •   Genius Solutions - Boucherville - Qc - Canada

    Supplier of software provider planning MRP/ERP manufacturer’s resources. They offer management solutions that allow medium-sized manufactures enterprises to manage more effectively their installations.

  •   Geothentic inc. - Trois-Rivières - Qc - Canada

    Optimize the yield of your fleet of véhicules by means of an inboard computer proactive allowing a fast return on investment. Turn-key system including an cut-engine, speed limit excesses alarrm, anti-theft device, non-authorized displacement, preventive maintenance.

  •   Girardin Minibus inc. - Drummondville - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer of school and commercial buses.

  •   Graphie 222 inc. - La Pocatière - Qc - Canada

    Specialized in the manufacturing of identification, posting and marking products by silk screen printing and the use of industrial engraving progress.

  •   Groupe Créatech - Société de Bell Canada - Montréal - Qc - Canada

    Consulting firm specialized in manufacturing performance improvement (Lean Manufacturing), business process optimization, distribution, logistics and material management, maintenance and ERP systems implementation (SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics). Offices in Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Ottawa and Hamilton.

  •   Groupe CTT - Saint-Hyacinthe - Qc - Canada

    An industriel, non-profit organization partners with Canadian textile, geosynthetics and polymer industries that push towards the development of new and innovative products. We also assist our customers in identifying target markets for their products, wherever these markets may be.

  •   Groupe CWB (Le) - Laval - Qc - Canada

    Certification organization.

  •   Groupe d'assurances Verrier inc. (Le) - Drummondville - Qc - Canada

    Important damage insurance brokerage firm and risk management consultant. Recognised for innovative solutions and creative risk management alternatives for the manufacturing industry. A regional insurance brokerage firm with international capacities, present in several cities throughout the province of Quebec.

  •   Groupe GLP Hi-Tech inc. - Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu - Qc - Canada

    Design and manufacturing of high precision molds and injection molding of thermoplastic parts.

  •   Groupe Hyperforme inc. - Saint-Apollinaire - Qc - Canada

    Offers to businesses a subcontracting service reliable and complete, adapted to the real needs of the manufacturer. The Hyperforme Group, a complete resource for to the buyer.

  •     Groupe J.L. Leclerc inc. - Saint-Antoine-de-Tilly - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturing and design of industrial products mainly in assembling and mechnical welding.

  •   Groupe Mundial inc. - Saint-Lambert-de-Lauzon - Qc - Canada

    Group of companies : Beauce Caoutchouc, Métal Bernard, Usinage Carl Boilard inc. et CDMB inc.

  •   HDI Technologies inc. - Grand-Mère - Qc - Canada

    Electrical integrator of control panels, dash boards and harnesses.

  •   Henkel Loctite Canada inc. - Saint-Hubert - Qc - Canada

    At Henkel Loctite, we invent more than just quality Loctite® products, we provide solutions to industry’s biggest challenges. Find out how Loctite products, services and applications can make your life easier and help improve your company's bottom line.

  •   Hydro-Québec - Montréal - Qc - Canada

    Hydro-Québec generates, transmits and distributes electricity. It operates mainly of renewable energy, especially hydropower. She is also research in fields related to energy and took an active interest in energy efficiency. In addition, it develops the technologies from its research.

  •   I. Thibault inc. - Saint-Damien-de-Bunckland - Qc - Canada

    Company specializes in injection molds and mussels compression by providing innovative solutions for various markets.

  •   I.E. Canada - Montréal - Qc - Canada

    Association as mission to be the leading voice of the trade community. She represente and educate importers and exporters and advocate on their behalf to influence change.

  •   Ideal Cargo - Saint-Valère - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer of custom made closed trailers with high quality for the North-American market.

  •   Imeco Câbles inc. - Saint-Laurent - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer of electric cables and harnesses.

  •   In-Dev inc. - Sainte-Thérèse - Qc - Canada

    Development and management of corporate projects. Project concepts, business plans, financing, strategic analysis, commercialization plans, alliances and partnerships (structuring and negotiation).

  •   Industrie Fabco inc. - Drummondville - Qc - Canada

    Sheet metal transformation, specialized in the bending, punching, cutting of precision, extruded aluminium parts and tack welding.

  •   Industrie Lemieux inc. - Boucherville - Qc - Canada

    Specializes in processing stainless steel and engineering services.

  •   Industries et Équipements Laliberté ltée (IEL) (Les) - Sainte-Claire - Qc - Canada

    Specialized in the material transformation into sheet such as steel and stainless steel. Also dissociates itself in the sector of cutting to the laser, the folding of precision and mechanic-welding.

  •   Industries Halrai inc. (Les) - Vaudreuil-Dorion - Qc - Canada

    Specialized of shelves and accessories for utility vehicles and vans. Custom turnkey interiors.

  •   Industries Lafleur inc. - Sorel-Tracy - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer of specialized bodies for trucks, emergency units, specialty vehicles and trailers.

  •   Industries Lyster inc. - Lyster - Qc - Canada

    Die casting, precision machining and finishing of aluminium components.

  •   Industries Meta-For inc. (Les) - Terrebonne - Qc - Canada

    Sheet metal transformation and plate cutting with laser, plasma high definition, folding, numerical punching, tubular steel centering, roller with angle and plate. Assembly, welding of tack welded, machining.

  •   Industries Peinteck inc. (Les) - Chesterville - Qc - Canada

    Specialist in sandblasting sand, liquid electrostatic paint, powder paint and sanding.

  •   Industries Pro-Tac inc. (Les) - Saint-Célestin - Qc - Canada

    Manufacture of various rubber cut out parts and other flexible materials with open cells like polyurethane foam, polyethylene, neoprene, etc. Parts with or without adhesive.

  •   Industries Technopaint inc. - Sainte-Clotilde-de-Beauce - Qc - Canada

    Specialized in liquid painting application, in powder on metal and fiber glass; industrial assembly.

  •   Institut de développement de produits (IDP) - Montréal - Qc - Canada

    Industrial's association promoting the adoption of product development best practices. Its mission consist in helping manufacturers enhancing their pratices to increase their competitiveness.

  •   Institut du transport avancé du Québec (ITAQ) - Saint-Jérôme - Qc - Canada

    This organism as for mission to provide applied research, product development, engineering assistance and technology transfer services to the sustainable transportation industry, namely SME's.

  •   Institut international de logistique de Montréal (IILM) - Lasalle - Qc - Canada

    In the improving of the supply chain management among all industrial sectors in Quebec, which contributes significantly to the integration of technological innovations and upgrade staff skills. Also make available the information to companies regarding the international best practices.

  •   Intercel Communications inc. - Lachenaie - Qc - Canada

    Specialized in emergency cars integration, emergency lighting, wireless communication, telemetry and automation, AVL systems, ruggedized mobiles computers, ruggedized docking stations and vehicles mounts.

  •   Investissement Québec - Montréal - Qc - Canada

    Society is both a financial institution and an economic development agency. He can provide you with advice on choosing a location in Québec and offer financial solutions tailored to your needs.

  •   ISAAC Instruments inc. - Chambly - Qc - Canada

    Design and manufacture complete systems for data acquisition vehicle. Specializes in durability testing and profiling of mission among manufacturers of vehicles. ISAAC Instruments offers a management system Fleet very effective.

  •   J2 gestion d'approvisionnement inc. - Saint-Basile - Qc - Canada

    J2 Procurement Management is a consulting firm in supply chain management, we offer solution in order to optimize the supply chain process.

  •   Jimexs inc. - Beloeil - Qc - Canada

    A leader in sales of LED lights J-lite, safes aluminum J-Boxs, products and Kinedyne stowage Steadymate and hardware brands include Eberhard, Flettner, Susp, Trimark for the transport and the manufacturer.

  •   JMT Cabinet Conseil en productivité inc. - Canton d'Orford - Qc - Canada

    Sponsor companies, Business Development, productivity in industrial engineering.

  •   Knoedler ltée - Saint-Hubert - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer of seats with pneumatic suspension for heavy, industrial trucks and masse transit.

  •   KPMG LLP - Montréal - Qc - Canada

    Global network of professional services firms, providing audit, tax and advisory services.

  •   Laflamme Air Libre inc. - Delson - Qc - Canada

    Spray booth, fan, stack, filtration (exhaust and intake filters), mixing room and safety cabinet manufacturer. We also provide air make-up and baking unit.

  •   LEAN-AUTOMATION Consulting Group - Québec - Qc - Canada

    Optimisation of operation process. Foreign worker recruitement

  •     Mark IV Air Intake Systems Corp. - Montréal - Qc - Canada

    Design and manufacturing of thermoplastic air admission collectors for engines in vehicles.

  •   Matritech inc. - Drummondville - Qc - Canada

    Specialist in design and fabrication of tools and dies, stamping, punching, laser cutting, bending and forming and welded assembly of sheet metal products.

  •   Maxi Métal inc. - Saint-Georges-de-Beauce - Qc - Canada

    Fire trucks manufacturers, emergency, utility, rescue, pumper and tanker trucks.

  •     MDEIE - Ministère du Développement économique de l'Innovation et de l'Exportation - Québec - Qc - Canada

    Ministry of government of Quebec having for role to take part in the development and the promotion of the industry of terrestrial transport manufacture in Quebec.

  •   Mecanium inc. - Saint-Georges-de-Beauce - Qc - Canada

    We work together to make your factory opérations more profitable in increasing output and flexibility of your equipement, in reducing set up time, in reducing handling of pieces, in optimizing sorting of pieces, in increasing output material and in reducing apprenticeship of workers.

  •   Merkur inc. - Sherbrooke - Qc - Canada

    Firm of consultants offering services of strategic planning, process of products development, operations management, continuous improvement (PVA), project engineering, industrial and machanical engineering and mechanical design.

  •     Métal Bernard inc. - Saint-Lambert-de-Lauzon - Qc - Canada

    Sheet and plate metal rolling and transformation, laser cutting, folding, CNC punching, machining and welding.

  •   Métal Gaïa inc. - Saint-Nicolas - Qc - Canada

    Specialized in casted and welded parts.

  •   Métal Grenier ltée - Victoriaville - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer of aluminium and steel truck bodies. Transformation of sheet metal.

  •   Métalus inc. - Drummondville - Qc - Canada

    Transformation of sheet metal, specialized in laser cutting, punching and folding.

  •   Metopoxy inc. - Montréal - Qc - Canada

    Pre-treating and finishing of electrostatic powder paint : paint with zinc phosphate and iron phosphate.

  •   MF2 AÉRO/RB inc. - Trois-Rivières - Qc - Canada

    Design, prototyping and production of small, medium and large parts (simple to complexe machining). Equipment: 6 to 12 axes lathes, milling centers from 3 to 5 axes, waterjet cutting, laser cutting, bending and cnc grinder.

  •     Mil-Quip inc. - Iberville - Qc - Canada

    Sheet metal transformation; manufacturer of storage and transport containers.

  •   Mira-Car Coach Conversion inc. - Saint-Eustache - Qc - Canada

    Conversion, renovation and interior finishing Post Command Mobile Intervention Unit, Civil Security, Public Fire, Office Mobile, mobile clinic from any kind of recreational vehicle or trailer of any kind.

  •   Mobilité Électrique Canada (MEC) - Missisauga - On - Canada

    Based organization not-for-profit organization dedicated exclusively to the promotion of electric mobility as a readily available and important solution to Canada’s emerging energy and environmental issues.

  •   Modifications Camions Tardif & Fils inc. (Les) - Lachenaie - Qc - Canada

    Trucks modification.

  •   Morelli Designers inc. - Montréal - Qc - Canada

    Industrial Design Services (brainstorming, concept sketch, ergonomics, integration of new technologies, technical, choice of materials and manufacturing processes); 3D modeling and animation; model and prototype; support for R & D support in obtaining tax credits; upstream studies

  •   Mory inc. - Saint-Anselme - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer of van fiber glass cabin. Roof raised for box utilities and fiber glass light van.

  •   Multina inc. - Drummondville - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer of seats and composite parts for the industry of the rail, bus and recreative vehicles.

  •   Nado inc. - Sherbrooke - Qc - Canada

    Sheet metal transformation, specialized in laser cutting, tack welded parts, stamping and machining.

  •   NOMAK - Sherbrooke - Qc - Canada

    Distribution of measuring instruments, cutting tools, gages, fixed gages, security gloves.

  •   Norcan Aluminium inc. - Ville Saint-Laurent - Qc - Canada

    Specialized in the manufacturing of aluminium products: trunks, reserves, cooling systems as well as vehicles conversions.

  •   Normont Industriel - Laval - Qc - Canada

    Designer and supplier of components and engineering for the market road vehicles. Offers a range of hinges, locking systems, conventional and rotary latches, handles to grasp, Wheels manoeuvre and designs hinges upon request.

  •     Nova Bus - Saint-Eustache - Qc - Canada

    Design and assembly of urban buses.

  •   Nutech inc. - Disraeli - Qc - Canada

    Subcontracting in precision machined on lathes and machining centers, CNC complex parts in medium to high volume.

  •   Option Air Peint - Saint-Cyrille-de-Wendover - Qc - Canada

    Sandblasting and painting collection on all types of metals parts.

  •   Outillage de Précision Drummond inc. (OPD) - Drummondville - Qc - Canada

    Processing sheet metal, metal parts fabrication and welded assemblies.

  •   P38 inc. - Valleyfield - Qc - Canada

    Offering a complete « Made in Canada » solution to convert light vehicles to propane (automobiles, vans and light trucks).

  •   Paber Aluminium inc. - Cap-Saint-Ignace - Qc - Canada

    The professionals of aluminum technical gravity (sand and permanent mold) casting with added value : machining heat treatment coating

  •     Paccar du Canada Ltée - Sainte-Thérèse - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer of class 6, 7 and 8 trucks.

  •   Peintures Industrielles Glass Shield ltée - Châteauguay - Qc - Canada

    Glass Shield specializes exclusively in the development and manufacturing of high performance coating systems that offer superior protection against corrosion, impact and U.V. rays.

  •   Peintures P.M.S. inc. - Québec - Qc - Canada

    Exclusive importers of LECHLER industrial and automotive paint products in North America. Lechsys: an all round system for truck, a sure and rapid guide for the use of products and colour mixing systems, colour with no limits, the services for customers.

  •   Perkins QM - Pointe-Claire - Qc - Canada

    Distributor of diesel engines for industrial motorized products and generators.

  •   Placeteco inc. - Shawinigan - Qc - Canada

    Specialized in designs, develops and manufactures components for the aerospace and transportation industries. Capability include thermoforming, contact molding, drape forming and injection from materials such as plastics, acrylic, polyurethane, silicone and composites.

  •   Plastik M.P. inc. - Richmond - Qc - Canada

    Thermoforming (pressure, compression, twin-sheet), bending; CNC 5 axis and robots 6 axis large parts up to 8' X 12'; transformation specialists olefins (polyehtylene, TPO). Design and manufacture of your products entirely.

  •   Plastique ART ltée - Sainte-Claire - Qc - Canada

    Design & Manufacturing of plastic parts by thermoforming, pressure forming and twinsheet, CNC trimming. Small to large volume, short leadtimes.

  •   Pneumatique et hydraulique Archimède inc. - Sherbrooke - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer of Archimedes brand controls for dump trucks and other commercial vehicles. Fabrication of heavy vehicle parts. CNC and conventional machining.

  •   PNS-Tech - Saint-Agapit - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer of replacement parts for heavy machinery, farm machinery and for snow removal equipment.

  •   Poudrier Frères ltée - Victoriaville - Qc - Canada

    Utility truck bodies manufacturing, machine shop, sheet metal work, paint shop, general repairs, industrial parts distribution.

  •   Prelco inc. - Rivière-du-Loup - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturing of glazing vehicle for public transportation, rail transportation and other specialized vehicles sectors. It also offers assistance in the design and development of glazing.

  •     Prévost, une division de Groupe Volvo Canada inc. - Sainte-Claire - Qc - Canada

    Coach manufacturer.

  •   Proaction Groupe Conseils inc. - Montréal - Qc - Canada

    Company of consulting services that supports manufacturing companies, firms of services and distribution to maximize their productivity on a sustainable leader in the management and productivity of human resources. Offer customers a unique solution and a creative approach.

  •   Processia Solutions - Laval - Qc - Canada

    Specializes in implementing PLM solutions allowing to facilitate innovation and to reduce costs of changes on product lifecycle for the automobile and transport industry.

  •     Produits de métal Vulcain inc. - Saint-Jérôme - Qc - Canada

    Transformation of sheet metal, specialized in cutting with the laser, the shear, tack welded parts, folding and punching.

  •   Produits Industriels RGI (2001) inc. (Les) - Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu - Qc - Canada

    Machine shop specialized in CNC and conventional mechanical parts manufacturing, manufacture industrial equipments for various industrial markets.

  •   Produits Metchro inc. - Saint-Hyacinthe - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer of accessories for heavy stainless steel trucks: wings of wheels and attachments, lights of indication, stamping on press 400 tons, folding press on 20 degrees, TIG & MIG welding and polishing.

  •   Produits Proflex inc. - Drummondville - Qc - Canada

    Specialized in thermo forming and compression molding, CNC cutting, manufacturing of bug deflectors for the automotive industry and others.

  •   Profom inc. - Laval - Qc - Canada

    Seal specialist, out of rubber, silicone, foam, cork and others; with or without adhesives, they can be cut out with the matrix in rolls or sheets. Large inventory of precut standard products.

  •   Prolab Technolub inc. - Thetford Mines - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer since 1985 of ecoenergy lubricant and biolubricant. Expert on energy efficiency and programs for fuel saving and maintenance of vehicle fleets.

  •   Promotions Valex inc. (Les) - Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu - Qc - Canada

    Promotional items and personnalized clothing: pens, briefcases, watches, calculators, pins, coats, sweaters, hats and more; all these items are offered with the company's logo printed or embroideried.

  •   Réduction CO2 inc. - Québec - Qc - Canada

    Consultant to manage energy efficiency of mechanical systems. Measurement of the energy performance of products, systems and proceeds. Calculation of GHG.

  •   Remac Innovateurs Industriels inc. - Saguenay - Qc - Canada

    Compagny specialised in metal technology excluvity ( FSW - friction stir welding) to Canada for component assembly, laser welding as well as surface treatment by plasma and laser surface tempering.

  •   Remorques Kerr inc. - Cookshire - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer of trailers and specialized measures for light trucks. Several types of trailers: galvanized trailer, sliding axle, tilt, forest ... Also, sales of replacement parts trailers

  •   René Matériaux Composites ltée (RMC) - Saint-Éphrem-de-Beauce - Qc - Canada

    Specialist in manufacturing process for composite materials: RTM, SMC, RIM/DCPD for the transport market.

  •   Réseau Collectif (Le) - Laval - Qc - Canada

    Exclusive provider of the AMETVS group insurance plan for member-firms.

  •   Réseau Trans-Al inc. - Chicoutimi - Qc - Canada

    Association of Quebec SME's and their contributors whose primary concern is the production and transformation of aluminium, so that technical, technology and business exchanges may occur and allow its member to develop a sector based synergy.

  •   Réseau Trans-tech - Québec - Qc - Canada

    RéseauTrans-tech includes 40 college centers for technology transfer (CCTT) throughout Quebec. These 40 research centers are supported by more than 500 technical experts and scientists who are directed to find solutions to technologic needs.

  •   Rio Tinto Alcan inc. - Groupe Alcan métal primaire - Chicoutimi - Qc - Canada

    Manufacture of primairy aluminium ingots and other aluminium alloys.

  •   Robert Hydraulique inc. - Le Gardeur - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer of insulated and none insulated electric and hydraulic aerial ladders.

  •   Robert Mitchell inc. - St-Laurent - Qc - Canada

    Fabshop, sheet metal transformation (shearing, sawing, forming, rolling, punching), machining and welding.

  •   Roche ltée - Groupe manufacturier - Sainte-Foy - Qc - Canada

    Design and manufacture of automation systems for manufacturing.

  •   Rotavan inc. - Rimouski - Qc - Canada

    First company to meet the desperate needs of truck drivers and owners, reducing accidents and operating costs by providing systems of the swivel coupling that are more efficient

  •   Rotoplast 2000 inc. - East Farnham - Qc - Canada

    Specialized in the manufacture of plastic parts by the process of rotomolding, in the assembly of under-components for the creation of parts with value added and service of accompagnment technical turn-key. Industrial design service.

  •   RPM Tech inc. - Cap-Santé - Qc - Canada

    North American leader in the design, manufacture, maintenance and distribution of industrial snow blowers, snow removal equipment, construction equipment as well as heavy equipment and specialized on and off highway vehicles for worldwide markets.

  •   S. Huot inc. - Québec - Qc - Canada

    Workshop machining and mechanical manufacturing.

  •   Sablage au Jet 2000 inc. - Boisbriand - Qc - Canada

    Specialist in painting for parts of great dimension : jet sanding, liquid paint, plastic paint, cooked electrostatic powdered paint.

  •   Semec Électromécanique inc. - Boucherville - Qc - Canada

    Design and manufacturing of electrical and electromechanical systems, industrial engraving, wiring of electrical panels and cabinets.

  •   Série-Act Peinture inc. - Thetford Mines - Qc - Canada

    Specialist finishing and painting liquid and powdered parts of all sizes such as: ferrous and non-ferrous materials and plastic composites and the service of pre-assembly in the transport sector.

  •   Services Précicad inc. - Québec - Qc - Canada

    Product development and optimization : industrial design, mechanical engineering, 3D modeling, finish element analysis, 2D drawings, reverse engineering & prototyping.

  •   SGT - Saint-Germain-de-Grantham - Qc - Canada

    Overland transport carrier serving Canada, U.S.A and Mexico.

  •   Sigma Industries inc. - Québec - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturing companies holding in the sectors of the composite and metal.

  •   Signel Services inc. - Saint-Mathieu-de-Laprairie - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturing equipments for signalling : signalling arrows, solar trailers, PMV, marking posts, building site lights, cones, flags, panels, signs.

  •   Simfer Industriel inc. - Terrebonne - Qc - Canada

    Rubber products and cut pieces in any kind of material, exeption for metal products.

  •     Sixpro inc. - Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Conseil - Qc - Canada

    Sub contractor of metallic surface treatment using powder coating, e-coat and coating.

  •   Société de dévelopement de transport avancé des hautes Laurentides (SDTAHL) - Mont Laurier - Qc - Canada

    Development of companies in advanced transport in the High Laurentian.

  •   Société de la Vallée de l'aluminium (SVA) - Alma - Qc - Canada

    Organisation contributing to the establishment, the starting and the growing of the companies related to aluminium transformation.

  •   Société de Transport de Montréal (STM) - Montréal - Qc - Canada

    Transit transportation.

  •   Société générale de financement du Québec (SGF) - Montréal - Qc - Canada

    Industrial and financial holding, provides development capital for businesses according to profitability and performance criterias. It invests in its partnerships: it takes its share of risk, takes part in management and provides the necessary expertise to gather the conditions of success of any strategic project.

  •   Soudure JM Chantal inc. - Saint-Agapit - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer of Roll-Off trailers and containers.

  •   Sous-Traitance Industrielle Québec (STIQ) - Montréal - Qc - Canada

    Research centers of evaluation, measurement and improvement of subcontractors suppliers.

  •     Spectra Premium Industries inc. - Boucherville - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer and distributor of original and replacement car parts, light, heavy, off road, industrial and stationary vehicles.

  •   STYL&TECH; inc. - Québec - Qc - Canada

    Services in Product Design (concept sketches, human factors, reverse-engineering), Engineering (CAD, CAM, FEA), Prototypes (sourcing and assembly) and Industrial Engineering (tooling design, CMM on FARO SCANARM/PolyWorks).

  •   Systèmes Pran inc. - Québec - Qc - Canada

    Design, manufacturing and marketing of products (standard and custom) using the multiplexing technology. Partner in integration of systems for vehicles; manufacturer of data loggers, designer of cables and harnesses.

  •   Technique Surface Innovation (TSI) - Terrebonne - Qc - Canada

    Specialist in expertise in tribology, science of wear and friction. We offer Arcor salt bath nitriding and a complete family of mechanical joints (pins/bushings).

  •   Techniserv AG inc. - Saint-Hubert - Qc - Canada

    Design and manufacturing of electronic systems, PCB Cards, industrial control panels and testing equipment for the railway and industrial sector.

  •   Techno-Fab 9000 inc. - Ste-Julie - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer specialized in aluminium ladder racks for service vehicles, Techno-Fab 9000 Inc. is well known for being innovative and having high quality products. The company also does metal sheet transformation, stamping and profil bending.

  •   Technologies Axion ltée - La Pocatière - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer audio and video communication systems, electronic signs for bus, coaches and trains.

  •   Technologies CDWare inc. - Sherbrooke - Qc - Canada

    We offer a high-performance solution for the management of vehicle fleets and drivers such as winter planning, fuel consumption management, trip report and itinerary planning, accidents analysis, geo-referenced events, etc. On-board scale solution for vehicle weight management.

  •   Telus Québec inc. - Rimouski - Qc - Canada

    Operator of a telecommunications network. Services in terms of new information technologies, telecommunications and electronic commerce.

  •   Termaco ltée - Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu - Qc - Canada

    Specialized in designing and sheet metal manufacturing in different sectors of the industry as; commercial vehicles of all types. specialized van upfitting. manufacturer of accessories of industrial batteries. Finite element analysis

  •   Therrien Couture Avocats S.E.N.C.R.L. - Saint-Hyacinthe - Qc - Canada

    Our fields of practice are in commercial law, right of the businesses, banking right, litigation, bankruptcy and insolvency, administrative law, labour law and more.

  •   TM4 INC. - Boucherville - Qc - Canada

    Design and marketing of systems based on electromechanical, power conversion and power control elements for the electric drive train and distributed electrical markets.

  •   Trailex Les remorques de Rimouski inc. - Rimouski - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer of off-road trailers, aluminium and steel semitrailers.

  •   Trans Artik inc. - Longueuil - Qc - Canada

    Distribution, sale and installation of ESPAR auxiliary heater systems for heavy equipment, trucks, tractors, bus, mobile equipment, ambulances, forestry equipment and boats.

  •   TRANS-F-AIR INC. - DIVISION DE FRIGO REMORQUES - Saint-Hubert - Qc - Canada

    Design, manufacturing, installation and repairing of cooling systems; heating, filtration, cab pressurization and refrigeration unit.

  •   Transport Bourret inc. - Drummondville - Qc - Canada

    Storage and transportation company for industrial and commercial goods. Customs guarantees, can handle merchandise from or bound for foreign countries.

  •   Transport Robert (1973) ltée - Boucherville - Qc - Canada

    Transport and storing of industrial and commercial merchandise. Customs guarantee, can handle merchandise from or bound to foreign countries.

  •   Transtech Innovations inc. - Verchères - Qc - Canada

    Development and manufacturer of electronic products.

  •   Transtronic inc. - Dorval - Qc - Canada

    Design, manufacturing and marketing of electronic power converters for the railway sector and others.

  •   Tuba inc. - Saint-Pie-de-Bagot - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer specialized in precision tube bending; tubes, extrusions and profiles and complex fabricated assemblies for short and medium production runs.

  •   Tube Caron inc. - Lanoraie - Qc - Canada

    Precision bending of tubes and manufacturer of flexible pipes and mufflers.

  •   Tuboquip inc. - Saint-Léonard - Qc - Canada

    Distributor of hydraulic hoses and fittings for all applications; authorized distributor of AEROQUIP products.

  •   Usimax inc. - Saint-Georges - Qc - Canada

    Working on measure precision. Manufacturer of gear boxes, multipliers and speed-reduction gears, driveshafts, gears, pulleys, personalized machining for automobile sector and others.

  •   Usinage CB inc. - La Guadeloupe - Qc - Canada

    Digital and conventional machining for subcontracting. Manufacturing and design of molds.

  •   Usinage J.M. Blanchette inc. - Drummondville - Qc - Canada

    Workshop of machining, production of metal or plastic parts.

  •   Usinage Pro 24 inc. - Asbestos - Qc - Canada

    Workshop of machining specialized in plasma cutting, folding, welding, and carbide blades. Also manufacturer of blades " Nordik Blades" and replacement parts for heavy machinery, farm machinery and snow removal equipment.

  •     Usinatech inc. - Melbourne - Qc - Canada

    Specialized in precision manufacturing of mechanical parts used mainly for power transfer; CNC machining, induction heat treatment.

  •   Usines Métallurgiques inc. (Usimet) Les - Montmagny - Qc - Canada

    Precision CNC machining, production of small and large series; machine shop repairs, manufacturing of tools and specialized equipment, stamping.

  •   Valotech inc. - Longueuil - Qc - Canada

    Organism that develops the economical growth of companies by forming alliances and exchanges between people, institutions and organizations in the Monteregie area.

  •   VicRoc inc. - Victoriaville - Qc - Canada

    Company specialized in the fabrication of diverse metal products (hydraulic spring shop repair equipment for the trucking industry, hydraulic cylinders, drilling accessories, carbide tipped snow blades and snow runners, etc).

  •   Vortex Conseils - Ingénierie de la performance - Montréal - Qc - Canada

    Measuring current business processes and resources against desired goals, we identify gaps and recommend the actions needed to achieve the best possible performance levels.

  •   Wattman Trains & Trams inc. - Granby - Qc - Canada

    Manufacturer of electric recreational vehicles: wheeled trains and trams.

  •   Zone Technologies Électroniques inc. - Chambly - Qc - Canada

    Design and manufacture of innovative and unique electronic products for various systems found in emergency, transport and services vehicles.