Quebec, a global leader in the recreational vehicle industry

The manufacturing of motorized recreational vehicles produces a wide range of types of personal vehicles used primarily in sporting or leisure activities on the water or on land. This industry includes companies operating in Quebec in:

  • design pieces of equipment
  • industrial design
  • the manufacture of parts and accessories
  • assembling:la conception de pièces d’équipements
      • motorcycle
      • snowmobile
      • watercraft
      • ATVS
      • Roadsters

Quebec has earned a reputation as a world leader in the snowmobile industry and watercraft and more recently in that of three-wheeled vehicles in particular because of its technological innovations, investments in research and development and presence of a large company , Bombardier Recreational Products : the largest manufacturer of these products worldwide . Sector performance also rely on the presence of some SMEs in Quebec each produce a specific type of vehicle and a hundred others involved in the manufacture of parts, components , modules and systems for recreational vehicles.

The market requires manufacturers of recreational vehicles that they offer consumers products always renewed. The industry trend is to produce less energy and less noisy vehicles while increasing user safety. Technological advances to achieve these goals.

To learn more about the industry of motorized recreational vehicles visit sectoral profile produced by the Ministry of Finance and Economy of Quebec in 2010.