Commercial and special vehicles

The Commercial and special vehicles: a trend towards lighter vehicles. Industry special vehicles produced vehicles that are used in many applications for the transport of goods or equipment. It mainly includes the manufacture of:

  • heavy trucks
  • truck bodies
  • rebuilt vehicles
  • emergency vehicles
  • maintenance trucks
  • dump trucks
  • tankers
  • vans
  • semi-trailers
  • trailers
  • Defenses and Security vehicles
  • SMEs have an average of 40 employees
  • 50% of production is exported companies in the United Sates

The two main trends in the sector are to produce a share of more environmentally friendly vehicles using hybrid technology or materials lighter and secondly, to reduce the operating costs of the vehicles they are turning to multifunctional and effective for use or that they require less operational resources.

Some figures on industry special vehicles in Quebec

  • SMEs have an average of 40 employees
  • 50% of production is exported companies in the United Sates

Manufacture of military vehicles (defense and security)

The field of defense and security plays an important role in Quebec's manufacturing industry, 33 % of Canadian exports from Quebec . Encouraged by the presence of the military base of the Canadian Forces and the most important center of research and development of National Defence of Canada in Valcartier sector companies working in areas related to information technology and communication, in optics and photonics, the geospatial , robotics , and often require the assistance of industry companies trucks and special vehicles in the production of equipment for defense , security and protection civil .

Quebec's strength lies in its wide range of vehicles and its ability to innovate and adapt products to the needs of different customers. Leaders in North America in several niche markets , Quebec companies aim to accelerate the adoption of innovative technologies for defense procurement , security and civil protection.