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MEMBERS - Our Members

Manufacturers of transportation equipment: the heart of the AMETVS

The suppliers of transport equipment are all manufacturers of transport products or services that are directly intended or related to the industry of ground transportation equipment:

  • Design of equipment parts for transport
  • Assembly of equipment components parts for transport
  • Integration of transport equipment

They are classified as Tier 1 and Tier 2: Tier 1 for those suppliers who produce systems and equipment components and parts for transport, and Tier 2 for those who produce equipment components and parts for transport or distribute transportation equipment for a third party.

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Service firms – key collaborators for manufacturers

Service firms support the supply chain of the transport industry. Being involved in the AMETVS’ activities means they can assist manufacturers of transport equipment parts and components for:

  • Operations management, logistics, productivity and human resources
  • Obtaining certification
  • Research and development
  • Develop marketing and communications strategies
  • Training of the workforce
  • And much more

Find out more about the wide range of services offered by the service firms, members of the AMETVS.

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Government agencies and parapublic agencies – the road to expanding markets

Québec and Canada public and parapublic agencies provide valuable resources to transport equipment manufacturers who seek to widen their horizon. They offer:

  • Prospecting for new business opportunities
  • Development of national and international markets
  • Export assistance
  • Networking within the global transportation industry
  • Qualification of foreign buyers

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International organizations – on the road to international development

International organizations from all around the world and the AMETVS are driven by the same mission: ensuring growth and development of the ground transportation industry. These organizations, public agencies or sectorial associations provide the AMETVS members with:

  • Undertaking for new business opportunities
  • Market studies
  • Market development
  • Global networking in the transportation industry
  • Qualification of foreign buyers

Discover all the international organizations that partner with the AMETVS.

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